"Vakar fell in hours. It's a miracle that Silvercrest has lasted this long but then again mages have a way of solving everything. 

No one has heard anything from the High Elf capital of A'medorei and every message sent there from the outside has fallen on deaf ears. 

The Wood Elf capital of A'Rualga has been in contact as there are whispers of the druid council meeting there soon to deal with some sort of situation in the dwarf city of Vimrogh.

It seems the whole continent is slowly plunging into darkness, the likes of which I haven't' seen since the Blackwood Wars 300 odd years ago. 

I'll only hope rests with the chosen and those hopes rest with Silvercrest still standing. 

Ten Protect Us."


Curtains of Shadow

Act ii group cover photo Hikuen Azrafel Novicepanda