Curtains of Shadow

The Story So Far....


Through a series of fateful encounters and sometimes, just dumb luck, we meet 6 rather miraculous people who learned rather quickly that they are meant to do some good. Together they fought back a relentless attack of the undead against the Mage City of Silvercrest. 

Under a shield that finally cracks under constant siege six months of constant combat finally ends in one epic battle involving our heroes and an undead general. 

With its defeat a greater problem comes to our adventurer's attention as they learn that the continent has shifted. The lands have gotten bigger and more spread apart. Towns have become cities and villages have arose from nothing and that seems to be only the beginning. With the coming of night the world shifts fully into the Elemental Plane of Cold making travel at night deadly and unpredictable.

With this knowledge and the undead hoard now kept at bay with the return of the Prism Knights, an order of peacekeepers that wield strange magics setting up a much more powerful barrier around the mage city that will last one year.  Our heroes now set off on a task given by the Mage Council of 8:

Primary  Objective: Preliminary map in hand , go out to the different kingdoms and gain their trust and their alliance as they will need all the help they can get for the final push against the undead and their shadowy leader.
Secondary Objective: Survey the world and take note of any changes on the map and see what this new world has to offer.  

We last left the adventurers as they have just arrived in the elemental plane of cold on a special task for a Blackfire Dragon that goes by the name of Ouroboros…. 

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